Diary of a Wimpy Kid -The Ugly Truth


This book was very interesting… I mean, every child had at least an adventure like Greg’s.

He wanted to grow up. When you are young and you wish to be an adult, you don’t understand what that really means. You don’t know that you will have responasbilities. For example, you have to learn very much for the final class exam. That’s  what responasbility means. Another kind of responsability is having a friend. For example, his friendship with Rowley ended after three years,  because they weren’t telling the truth to each other. They were in a competition to know who was the best. I can’t understand why they became friends again in the end , even they had nothing in common.

But  I think I’ll find out when I’ll grow up.


By Razvan David


Carlos Chocodonza: Chocolate Army’s bravest soldier

My name is Carlos Chocodonza. I am a Milkinis chocolate bar. When I was nineteen, my father took me to Chocolate Army’s Military Academy. After 6 years of hard training, when I was a sergeant, I participated at my first battle on the front. It was very easy. We just threw hot chocolate on the White Chocolate’s bunkers. We were at war with them. The hardest battle came in 1983. It was called “The Battle of Heidi Field”. It’s a large field surrounded by Belgian Truffle Mountains and woods with chocolate trees.

Now let’s go to the important things. It all began like this: we had just arrived in the jeeps to the field. The White Chocolate Army soldiers were in their bunkers. They sent some of them to attack us, but we shot them with the hot chocolate guns.

-“Let’s go to our trenches. Quick!”, said our master, Captain Arnold Schwarzmilkenner.

He was a German chocolate bar. After his brother died, he became very strict and mad. I think now he is in the asylum (or dead).

-“Sergeant Chocodonza!!!” , yelled Captain Schwarzmilkenner. “Are your legs broken and you can’t run? Run! Run!”

-“Yes, sir !!!”

When we arrived at the trenches, the battle started. Dark chocolate and white chocolate bullets were jumping through the air. I defeates a lot of hostiles, but I took a bullet in my left leg.

-“Resist them!”, said Cap (this is what we called him).

-“Yes, sir!”. This is what he wanted us to call him.

-“Ok, Corporal Milkasin, Private Heidin, Sergeant Chocodonza. Come with me. We will try to flank them.”

Me, Cap and the other soldiers whom he mentioned sat on the ground, and we went to their trenches.

-“Open fire!!!”,  shouted Cap.

We began to atack them, but Corporal Milkasin was shot, too.

-“Corporal Milkasin is C. I. A (Covered in Action), sir!”, I said.

-“I know, Chocodonza ! Be sure you  don’t share his fate, too.”

After we eliminated all the enemies from the trenches, we advanced to their bunkers. But I heard a noise.

-“Cap, I think planes are coming.”

We watched  the sky. White Chocolate planes started to throw hot white chocolate missiles.

– „Run for your life, soldiers !!!” said Cap.

We ran to the trenches. A lot of comrades were hit by the explosions. I was angry. Cap was wounded.

-“Run, Chocodonza!”

But I didn’t run. I took Cap on my shoulders and I took him to our trenches.

-“I need a chocolate grenade launcher”, I said.

-“Here it is”, said another soldier.

I took it. I ran to the enemy bunkers and I launched a lot of chocolate grenades. I destroyed two-thirds of them. Then, I jumped into the third bunker. I neutralized the hostiles inside of it, and then I placed a chocolate bomb. At the moment the chocolate bomb exploded, I jumped from the bunker. Then I went back to Cap.

-“Chocodonza, you are the bravest soldier of this army”, he said.

-“Thank you very much, sir.”

I carried him to the jeeps, and we went back to the military HQ (headquarters).

This was my story. I did more brave things, but this was the bravest.

By Radu

Apple Crumble

„Cooking is, without a doubt, one of the most important things a person can ever learn. Once someone has that knowledge, that’s it –they’re set for life.” Jamie Oliver

You will need:

3 large apples

300g flour

200g butter

100g  brown sugar



Cream or ice-cream


1.Peel the apples and slice them


2. Put the apples in a saucepan with a little water and 50 grams of the sugar. Boil the apples for 10 minutes.


3. Put the flour, the butter and the rest of the sugar into a bowl.


4. Mix them with a fork.


5. Pour the cooked apples into a dish.


6. Cover the apples with the flour, butter and sugar mixture.


7. Put the dish into the oven at 180 degrees for 30 minutes. Serve the apple crumble with cream or ice-crem.



Radania is a country in the European Union. It has a population of 23.000.000 people. It is situated in the western part of Europe. Radania’s national food is pasta with garlic sauce. In Radania, the temperature is 30 degrees C in summer, 10 degrees C in winter, 15 degrees C in autumn and 18 degrees C in spring. Did you know that there is a mountain range named Pirouette Mountains? The highest mountain is Ball Mount. It is covered with forests and the trees are tall and imposing. There are a lot of animals like bears, foxes, wolfs, bunnies, squirrels, deers and REINDEERS !. Beside mountains, there is also a large field called Pie Field in Radania.

Radania’s flag is blue with red and it has a tank on it. The Radanian Special Forces are the best in Europe. They compete with Spetsnaz, the Russian Special Forces. In 1982, Radania was in war with the Pancakes. It was a very, very delicious conflict. The Radanian Special Forces ate all the Pancakes. The hardest battle was The battle of Caramel Island where the Pancakes threw a container full of caramel on the Radanian soldiers.

After this war, the Pancakes’ president, Oscar Chocolate, claimed peace. The Radanians accepted, but one year later, the Pancakes threw a nuclear vanilla bomb in Radania. Now, the country is prosperous. But I think the Pancakes will attack again. That’s all about Radania.

Visit it, please !

by Radu S.



After the Second World War, the Nazis gave up one of their territories. After a few months, a boy called Razvan came there and made some spells. This way, a beautiful country named Gingerchocolatenmen has developed. He created this country because he liked very much gingerbread and chocolate statues.

Its symbols are Messi’s photos, because he is the best player in the world at this moment. He won the Golden Ball four times and he has scored ninety –one goals in a year. The next symbol would be a CD with songs from Deliric1 and Snoop Dog. As you can tell, I love hip hop and rap music. Another symbol would be Shakespeare, because his stories are the best. My favorites are Hamlet and Romeo and Juliet, but I also have in mind reflections like “To be or not to be”. This is the question!

In Gingerchocolatenmen, people have their head made of chocolate, their bodies are made of gingerbread and their legs are made of burnt sugar. I am concerned regarding their future, because someone might eat them! If there was a war, my people would use honey to stick the attackers on the battlefield. If you count my souldiers, they are twenty thousand and three quarters. I said three quarters because one of my soldiers doesn’t have an arm. Somebody has eaten it!

My country is the best! We will shine in years like an evening star.

by Razvan

Copeland – Our New Pride

    Yesterday I sneaked behing Copeland, during an interview. Copeland is my own country, I created her. Yes,her.

Hello! I am the interviewer. To start off, who chose your name?”

Hey! My name was chosen by my creator, Andrea. The funny thing is how she chose it! Her mom used to tell her stories about Hopeland, a land created by her. Andie couldn’t pronounce ‘hope’, so she used ‘cope’ instead. Copeland.”

Nice.  Tell us about you.”

I love metal. My hymn is Unbroken by BVB. I am a vegetarian, so the traditional food is salad! Not interested in fashion at all, but I love art. Khaos Kai is my inspiration.”

How about religion?”

None. Atheism, I guess.”

 She grinned and said, “No believers in here. Sorry.”

Haha, okay. So other than atheists, what kind of people are there?”

Rockers. They’re so kind, believe it or not! Then, there are the old people. Those always complain about how crazy Metal is. They call it ‘the Devil’s music’ , but I don’t mind them.”

How old are you, by the way?”

As a human, 17. As a country… three days. Young,huh?”

Yes, very! And your shape is really interesting. Romania is a fish, Italy a boot and you.. a human!”

Yes, pretty  interesting. I guess I am unique. That sounded less girly in my head, sorry.”

They both laughed and then, the interview was over. Copeland found me and went home pretty proud of ourselves. Come, join us!

by Andie

Kerandia – My Dream Country

Sometimes, people want to leave Earth and create their own world, where everything is perfect. I have one of my own, and it is called Kerandia.

I’m a Kerandian, and so are my friends and parents. Our ancestors have all bought domains here, which got bigger and bigger, and now my father is the president. Kerandia is like a country, but it has a small population.

We have our own culture and everyone believes in gods. Goblins are the most powerful gods and I am the only one here that doesn’t believe in them. Usually, in other countries, people say “ Oh, my God! “, but here we say “ Oh, my Goblin! “. It is fun to live here because we have lots of forests, with unknown plants and we even have Country Clubs!

The official languages are English and Kerandian. The Kerandian language uses the Latin alphabet. In English, we say “Thank you!”, but in Kerandian, we say “ Bishka! ”. Kerandian is a combination of other languages, and this is why it is very easy to learn.

Maybe we aren’t very numerous, but this is a great place to raise your children. In the past, we had only two wars, but now it is the safest place in the world.

No Kerandian is allowed to tell anyone else about this country, because it has always been a secret and we hope that it will remain so.

by Simo

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